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To achieve the best orthodontic treatment results possible, we pay attention to the personal needs of each and every patient and their family – that way, orthodontics is personalised and is not a one size fits all approach. Whether our patients are children, teenagers or adults, we create beautiful smiles using the latest orthodontic technology, techniques and materials. Our materials and techniques come from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, USA, Japan and Australia.

You know that you are getting the very best in orthodontic care at Shakespeare Orthodontics



The misconception of orthodontics … wait until a child is a teenager to start treatment! In other words… wait until a problem is bigger, harder to fix and costlier!

“prevention is better than the cure”   This is why seeing the orthodontist for children in this age group is a great idea! There are many issues that can arise when teeth are forming and coming through into the mouth during these early years. Seen early, an orthodontist is sometimes able to intercept certain teeth and bite problems, and stop them from causing issues in the bite and teeth alignment later on – possibly avoiding extractions, the cost and time of braces later.

World leading associations eg. American Association of Orthodontics, European Society of Orthodontists, Australian Society of Orthodontists, recommend that all children around the age of 7-8 years, should be seen by a specialist orthodontist.

When to consider treatment

  • A thumb sucking habit past the age of 6 years
  • Snores and/or grinds their teeth
  • Bites their finger nails or pencil biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Buck teeth and teeth that stick out
  • Deep bites
  • Open bites
  • Crowding or space loss
  • Abnormal eruption of the teeth
  • Underbite

Some of these problems can have significant consequences, so if you notice any of the above or suspect a problem, please be diligent and bring your child into our practice early for a consultation with one of our expert specialist orthodontists



The misconception of orthodontics…”let’s wait til later”!

If you recognise that there is a problem, then please don’t delay – take advantage of our FREE specialist orthodontic consultation and book your child in today for a check-up.

Research shows that a smile is one of the first things we notice about people – so having healthy, straight teeth, in the correct position is the best thing we can do for our children!

The teenage years are some of the best years… this applies to orthodontic treatment also! As adolescent patients are growing rapidly, their bone and facial structures are both malleable and dynamically changing during this period. Therefore, treatment undertaken at this stage aims to take advantage of this growth – giving us the best result at correcting the majority of problems with teeth alignment and bite correction. Treatment may involve orthodontic plates, an expander, a functional appliance, Invisalign, braces, or any combination of these.

Woman wearing braces


Hair, eyes and a smile… the first things we notice about people. If it is a job interview, a first date or you looking in the mirror, teeth are one of our most important assets, and orthodontics has much to offer to get you that perfect smile!

Adult patients frequently present with either a functional problem (where there is an issue with teeth alignment, gum problems, a bad bite, jaw problems or that they have worn their teeth) or an aesthetic problem (generally not happy with the appearance of their teeth), or both.

Orthodontic treatment can certainly be used to improve both of these general concerns and can take the form ofInvisalign clear aligner system, Invisible braces (lingual braces) or Ceramic braces.   We are seeing more and more adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment. No longer is orthodontics thought of as treatment for adolescent patients only. However, there are difference between our adult and adolescent orthodontic patients:

– Similar to bone healing and the healing of skin cuts, tooth movement is rapid in the adolescent group of patients when compared to the adult group

– Adult patients usually have had a larger experience with dentistry (their teeth have been in the mouth for longer) which means that there are generally more fillings, caps, veneers or implants

– Adults usually have more complicated health problems and medical issues that can relate significantly to orthodontics, jaw function and can affect their teeth movement. e.g. diebetes, asthma, gastric reflux, osteoperosis, chronic muscle or back pain, migranes, anxiety and many many more

– Generally, adults present with varying levels of gum disease. Specialist orthodontists are highly training in ensuring that a disease process is not missed, providing you with a necessary referral to see a hygienist, dentist or specialist periodontist. Only when there is an absence of gingivitis and periodontitis can orthodontic treatment (using braces, lingual braces or Invisalign) be carried out safely and predictably

– As the teeth have been in the mouth for longer, there tends to be more wear and tear on them. This generally means that you should be treated by an expert specialist orthodontist who has had comprehensive extra training (e.g. A postgraduate university degree that comes with about 5500 hours and complete understanding and specialisation within the discipline of orthodontics)… Trust the experts!

At Shakespeare Orthodontics, our locally trained and expert specialist orthodontists (Mo and Azza) carry out a comprehensive examination and diagnosis – so you get the very best medical knowledge as well as the latest in technological advances to allow for the most discrete smile correction.

What’s the best treatment for me?

Treatment can range from monitoring a tooth or group of teeth erupting over a period of time, using plates that move some teeth into a correct position or are used to expand the jaw, to partial braces placed on certain teeth. All these treatments cost a fraction of the cost that would be required if nothing is done until teenage years. When teenagers or adults present, the problem in their bite or teeth alignment is often very noticable, a little trickier to correct and more often than not will cost more.

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