Orthodontic Treatments to suit all ages.

To achieve the best orthodontic treatment results possible, we pay attention to the personal needs of every patient and their family – that way, orthodontics is personalised and is not a one size fits all approach.

Whether our patients are children, teenagers or adults, we create beautiful smiles using the latest orthodontic technology, techniques and materials.

Our materials and techniques come from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, USA, Japan and Australia.

You know that you are getting the very best in orthodontic care at Shakespeare Orthodontics.

Woman wearing braces

What’s the best treatment for me?

Treatment can range from monitoring a tooth or group of teeth erupting over a period of time, using plates that move some teeth into a correct position or are used for expansion, to partial braces placed on certain teeth. All these treatments cost substantially less than what could be required if nothing is done until the teenage years. When teenagers or adults present, the problem in their bite or teeth alignment is often very noticeable, a little trickier to correct and more often than not will cost more.

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