Teenager’s Orthodontics

The misconception of orthodontics…”let’s wait til later”!

If you recognise that there is a problem, then please don’t delay – take advantage of our FREE specialist orthodontic consultation and book your child in today for a check-up.

Research shows that a smile is one of the first things we notice about people – so having healthy, straight teeth, in the correct position is the best thing we can do for our children!

The teenage years are some of the best years…
This applies to orthodontic treatment also!

As adolescent patients are growing rapidly, their bone and facial structures are both malleable and dynamically changing during this period.

Therefore, treatment undertaken at this stage aims to take advantage of this growth – giving us the best result at correcting the majority of problems with teeth alignment and bite correction.

Treatment may involve orthodontic plates, an expander, a functional appliance, Invisalign, braces, or any combination of these.

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