incognito braces

Incognito Braces

Let’s face it, braces are not the most aesthetically pleasing things… to overcome this, there is a technique that places braces on the inside surface of teeth (lingual braces), making them virtually invisible.

For the most discrete smile correction option, choose INCOGNITO at Shakespeare Orthodontics. Sounds like the perfect solution? Wait… there are some small disadvantages with any lingual braces system. From your perspective, most of these are only transient and will disappear as you get use to the new lingual braces.

Speech is slightly affected, especially at the start while you get use to new brackets on the back of your teeth. Your tongue can get a little irritated as it is in very close proximity to the back of your teeth – here, relieving wax is really helpful for the first week or two. Cleaning tends to be a little tricky starting out, as you get use to the new appliances.