“Orthodontist near me”


An important question to consider for anyone thinking about starting orthodontic treatment is – Why is it important to see a local orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment is carried out over many months, with orthodontic clinic visits happening every 8 weeks for braces (on average) or 10-16 weeks for aligners e.g. Invisalign. When reviewing teeth eruption and growth changes  in younger kids, the reviews may be every 6-12 months.  Specialist orthodontists spend a lot of time planning the complex steps required to complete the treatment – in fact, most of our patients at Shakespeare Orthodontics will have every visit planned before starting treatment, meaning, the treatment sequence is structured in a way to make sure the treatment provided is in a highly efficient way – saving you time and unnecessary visits into the clinic.


To visit or not to visit?

Occasionally, accidents might occur where a patient has a fall, bumps their head or eats something hard. This may result in damage to plates, brackets (individual braces on teeth) or aligner attachments. In most instances for braces, this results in a bracket coming off or a wire breaking. Although this can slow down treatment, it isn’t a true emergency and it can sometimes be addressed at the next scheduled appointment that you have with your orthodontist.

The preference is that a “selfie” photo is taken and forwarded to the orthodontic office for the attention of clinical staff – if a prompt repair is indicated, a prompt appointment will be arranged.


Aligner (Invisalign) Visits

With aligner therapy e.g. Invisalign, as there are no brackets or wires attached to the teeth, unplanned/emergency visits are much less likely to occur. The small aligner attachments on the teeth seem to be resistant to most foods but can still become detached.

If this occurs, Sending a photo to to the practice so that advice can be provided an appointment arranged.


Save time, save costs

This simple procedure of taking photos and forwarding them to the practice can save you time and ultimately costs, in unnecessary and unplanned visits.

At Shakespeare Orthodontics, our specialist orthodontists have a strong focus on providing the most efficient treatments possible. It works to everyone’s advantage.