Mirroring – start on your own habits in front of your kids  – kids are always watching. Avoid sugary/fizzy drinks and brush frequently.

Routines – set routines early. Brushing, flossing, mouthwash. Drink plenty of water.

Systematic approach – putting a tooth brush into your mouth and moving it around is no way of brushing the teeth well. Learn to brush for in an orderly way, starting in one quadrant, working your way around, ensuring that you are covering all the areas of the teeth.

Limit sugar and sour things – both do damage if established within a child’s diet.

Stick to three meals a day.

Calcium in the diet establishes healthy bones and teeth. Lots of dairy foods are recommended.

Keep a watchful eye and do spot checks on the oral hygiene. Invest in plaque disclosing tablets.


See an specialist orthodontist by the age of 8 years (or earlier if you have specific concerns) – count the teeth and be familiar with when certain teeth are to emerge. If abnormalities are noted, see an orthodontist asap.